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I love working with creative small businesses to help them create their brand message and capture it visually on the web. I specialize in:

  • custom wix web design and eCommerce solutions

  • social media management and online strategies 

  • collateral marketing materials, brochures, business cards, banners

  • SEO implementation


I know that my skill set can help your business succeed on the world wide web and beyond. Take a look around the site and give me a call! . ..Deborah Newman

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Working with small businesses for the last 15 years, I have seen them come and go. The businesses that didn't make it all had one thing in common, Motivation.  The successful businesses all excluded  pushed themselves to think outside the box and tried new ways of marketing with Petite Taway. 


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Brianna Kramer, Graphic Designer
I'm a graduate of the graphic design program at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston. My interests lie in print work, though I have experience in a variety of design areas, including web, interface design, production, branding and identity design, and packaging. I enjoy being able to work on a variety of project types, often experimenting with new media and ideas just for the sake of variety - I almost never do the same thing twice!

Petite Taway Web Design

Petite Taway Inc would love to hear from any small businesses that needs my help. I love what I do and am blessed every day to work in a field that means so much to me. Please contact me with any questions you may have, I will respond back to you immediately. 

Email: arts@petitetaway.com 

Phone: 207-991-1451

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