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2023 a Year of Collaborations, Victories, Learning and GRINDING!

Wow 2023 is almost over and what a year in business it has been for me. From outstanding collaborations with businesses whose skills sets made mine so much better, to learning new techniques of web design and social media tips. Every day was a new adventure with new businesses, new personalities and new challenges.

So many of my clients are surprised that I work all the time and that I am constantly training to improve my craft and business skill set. One of my clients was complimenting me on my enthusiasm for their project and told me I inspired them to grind more. I thought what a great word so I am happy to end 2023 with this word GRIND!

I realized this last year if I don't take my profession seriously and grind, I would never make my business successful and it wouldn't grow to where I wanted it to be. So 2022 was the year of working nonstop and sacrificing weekends and evenings in order for me to increase my portfolio but also my business reach. My personal life took a back seat to my professional life and while I may have missed some parties and gatherings, I increased my portfolio offerings and my business reach stretched for miles, in many more states, Europe and Africa.

GRINDING WORKED! Going into 2024 I now have the luxury to take on the projects that I want to take on, not because I have to pay bills but because they are interesting, thought provoking and I really really like the client and their mission.

So to all the small business owners out there, WORK YOUR BUTT OFF AND GRIND IT WILL PAY OFF! If your family and friends love and support you they will understand. Go for it. And don't forget if you want to collaborate on a new web design or need your present site fixed and infused with new ideas, you know where to find me.

Happy New Year! And Thank You to All my AMAZING clients, I am so thankful for you all!

Deb Newman 🕉️


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