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Organizations Evolve and Change and so should the web design

Just like people change and evolve, so does a business or organization. I have been working with FAILSAFE-ERA a nonprofit that provides reentry support and services to the residents of Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, Stafford, Caroline, and King George Communities.

Many of you may not know what " Reentry Support" means. I didn't until I started working with the founder and CEO, Juanita Shanks. She not only became someone I deeply respect and admire but she became a dear close friend. She started a nonprofit to help the families of the incarcerated make their way through the criminal process maze which included a support group as well as put in place programs to help those coming out of incarceration not go back into the system. I have met the most amazing incredible people through this journey of volunteering and hope to make a small mark on their future successes. I know they have made an impact on me and have shown me how resilience and strength in moments of pure hopelessness will overcome everything.

So here here is my latest website revision design to encompass the new mission of this amazing organization.

I hope if you live in the area that you would consider volunteering with us. We are always looking for committed humans to work with the children of the incarcerated, the extended family members and the returning citizens ( what we call the newly released) to help them become productive members of society. Our track record speaks for itself. Check out the website at


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