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Why I LOVE What I Do

I wanted to write my first Blog letting everyone know why I love what I do because so many people ask me, Debbie why did you become a web designer? Good Question, I think I am more than a web designer to be honest, I think I help people find their message and brand and make it visual on the web. I fell into this line of work because of my husband pushed me to learn html and marketing techniques while running his computer repair business.

I love to be able to connect with a person, learn what they do, and create a visual expression on the web that completely showcases who they are. I love the artistic side of this but I also love the challenge of being able to launch a new site or redesign an existing site that makes my clients soar. The best phone calls I receive are the ones from happy clients. I love to learn what people do and help them market and brand their business so they are successful on the web. I have the coolest clients in the world and feel blessed that they trust me to guide them in the ever changing environment of the world wide web. Here is an example of a before and after photo of one of my projects.

So with my blog postings, I would like to highlight my clients and what they do as well as pass on some marketing techniques to help you grow your business.

Do I know everything there is about marketing?

No I try to learn something new every week, and would love to pass that on to you. But I also love to introduce people to amazing artisans, creative small businesses and nonprofits that I work with. My business at this point is something I have worked very hard to create and I want to be able to share it with everyone.

Looking forward to the future!

Deb Newman



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