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Petite Taway Web Design & Marketing Services

"Get closer than ever to your customers. So close that you tell them what they need well before they realize it themselves." Steve Jobs

Wix Expert

"I love what I do! This page could be filled with lots of text telling you what I do and how I do it, but I prefer to just show you some of my work. Visit my portfolio page to see samples of my work.  I will work with you to create a visually amazing experience that portrays your branding message to the world. My goal is to help you highlight your services and products on a more global scale on the world wide web. I will walk you through the process of building your custom designed website on the WIX platform, make it SEO ready, and then teach you how to maintain your site. I spend no money on advertising, word of mouth referrals have kept me successful. If you are happy with my work, you will spread the word. Please call me today so I can help you with your web site needs."  Deb Newman 

​Below are Some Examples, Before and After of Some of My Redesigns of Existing Websites, click on a photo below to view some before and after redesigns. Too view more, click here.

Marketing Services, Social Media, Branding Materials, Logos

indigenous experience flyer
the lupine cottage brochure
tony garcia flyer
keep her safe logo
business branding
love niagara tours brochure
black tie affair flyer
NN Arts Logo
Ultimate Appalachia Logo
Capital Balloon Company Logo

The world wide web is ever expanding and so are the tools to get your company more exposure on the web. I am constantly researching and learning the newest techniques in promotion and marketing to help my client's visibility. I not only learn the newest marketing techniques but also teach my clients how to maintain their own marketing campaigns, which helps them become part of their own success story.

Below are some of the services I offer my customers:


  • Branded Materials: Business Cards, Brochures, Rack Cards, Flyers, Banners to Match Your website!​

  • E-Mail Marketing: I help you build an effective email campaign and show you the tools to do it with.

  • Search Engine Optimization: I build custom websites or redesign existing websites and implement the appropriate code to ensure your site's rankings are high in search engines. You can spend a lot of money on a pretty site but if potential clients cannot find your business while searching the web, it is money ill spent. 

  • Social Network Campaigns: I strategize with my client's to choose the best social networks to utilize to get your branding message out there. I also teach my clients to maintain these campaigns and develop long term plans for future growth.

  • Site Submission: I will submit my clients websites and information to leading online directories geared towards their products or services. I research every single site to make sure that submissions are relevant. 

"Deborah is a dedicated professional who works very hard to ensure that her clients work ensures their success. She keeps very close track of how her clients are doing and will meet any time to help support them. I plan to work with Deborah for many years to come as my business grows and prospers."... Liz Huggins, Life Coach

cleaning brochure
business brochure
butterfly logo

In Conclusion, Why Hire Petite Taway to Help Market Your Business? 
If you as a business owner can complete this checkpoint below then don't hire Deborah, but if you can't give her a call today!

  • creating a keyword strategy and optimizing website – in order to be easy found by customers through SEO,

  • creating blog and marketing offers – driving the right people to your business and offering a value for them,

  • promoting content through social media – using the “buzz” power of social media platforms and creating a group of advocates that will engage in sharing of the company’s content viral,

  • converting web site traffic into leads – transforming visitors of a web site into potential consumers,

  •  nurturing leads with targeted messages – staying at the top-of-the-mind of potential customers and creating a desire for purchase,

  •  optimizing marketing for mobile viewing – making all content and offerings optimized for mobile devices,

  • analyzing and refining business and marketing strategies – conducting examination of marketing strategy from the beginning to the end and improving it in all points.

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