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Review from The Jim Gray Gallery, Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Petite Taway accepted a tall order to build an up to date website for Jim Gray Gallery. We NEEDED to replace our well worn 20 plus year old site, which required an offsite webmaster to make any significant changes, and required a separate paid monthly contract for sending email marketing. Deborah created a beautiful new site that functioned at near perfection on the day we set it in motion, in Sept 2017. Over the following days and weeks, she honed the system to a fine edge and made additional improvements.


The Wix platform is great, but Deborah's understanding and comfort level of working with it, are what set Petite Taway Inc head and shoulders above all. Add to this, her continued willingness to work online with clear and effective tutorials, and you have a great web designer who builds a website that is effectively intended to be managed by the owner and staff of a company, who knows the Company best, rather than by an independent webmaster. We have a beautiful product in the artwork of Jim Gray. Petite Taway built us a site that shows off our product, allows us to contact our ever growing client base, and is generating increased SALES! 
All this, at a savings of thousands of dollars per year. Thank you Deborah and Petite Taway Inc for a job well done!

Chris Gray

Deb, Let me start by saying "thank you."  Believe it or not, I many writing this recommendation while straining to see through cloudy eyes (those darn onions!!).  Thank you for not just making my lifelong dream a reality but thank you for the passion that you bring to your craft.  Before I met you, I literally WASTED thousands of dollars on web developers who see our dreams as "cash cows."  Too many of them bring no vision to the table.  Sadly, you don't know that until you see their product.  By that time, the check has been cashed.  But not you!!  Not only did you capture my vision but your marketing was simply OUTSTANDING!! When you attract mega-giants like Micron and Lockheed Martin to become collaborative partners, the results speak for themselves. 


Thank you for listening to my tangents, letting me chase the many rabbits while guiding me with intent and purpose.  We started out as business professionals and I wound up making a friend...for life.  We have other projects to create, more lives to impact and other accomplishments to post on social media.  To you my friend, may success and prosperity be forever knocking at your door.  No doubt Rob is proud of his bride living our her full potential.  You go, girl!!!

Dr. Robert Melvin

"I met Deb Newman about 7 years ago. The Lupine Cottage had a web site that was not working and was very costly. We were ready to shut it down. Deb was enthusiastic and determined that she could make a better site, that actually had sales. The Lupine Cottage is a craft Cooperative, at the time with 25 small businesses. It is very hard to make 25 people happy. Deb did it, she recreated our web site, gave each artist a page and put their products for sale on the site. 


Over the last 8 years we have grown to over 60 small businesses, we continue to update our site as customers have given their input on their experiences.

You can search by business name, Artist name, or Product categories. I consider Deb a friend, she is great to work with, and continues to make our site better every day. When a new artist comes into our shop, I send them to Deb to get them going. She is a very talented lady with great energy, skill, and enthusiasm. In my opinion, she is the BEST."..


Margaret Masessa, The Lupine Cottage

"If you are looking for an amazing website designer for your business, look no further than Deb Newman. She is super-intelligent, knowledgeable of her craft, has insightful marketing experience, and her ultimate web design will most definitely enhance your company's visibility in a way that is appealing and welcoming to your customers. 

As a writer, herbalist, and licensed esthetician, I feel that Deb has captured the essence of who I truly am and it is displayed in my gorgeous, colorful website.  

She's awesome and worth every penny!  You get a lot of bang for your advertising buck - that's for sure!" - Stephanie Tourles, www.stephanietourles.com 

"I wanted to tell you too that this web site has been a great investment! I usually do not have bride's for the next year until March or April of that year and this year I already have 10 confirmed weddings. It has been great working with you and your prompt down to earth attitude helps out tremendously! 

You have made this COMPUTER illiterate FLORIST very very happy! Thank you for everything and look forward to our continued friendship.  Wedding Flowers by Nichole 

Petite Taway Web Design

Petite Taway Inc would love to hear from any small businesses that needs my help. I love what I do and am blessed every day to work in a field that means so much to me. Please contact me with any questions you may have, I will respond back to you immediately. 

Email: arts@petitetaway.com 

Phone: 207-991-1451

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