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Never Give Up and Build Your Brand Message

So I wanted to write today about never giving up your goals and that you are never to old to set another goal or dream. I have reinvented myself many times and finally have found my niche. I was asked yesterday, "So what do you think your skill set is?" Good Question!

I believe that my skill is that I can help a person or company get their brand message across the web in a successful way. Very simple and to the point. I can also make sure that the site I create can rank well on search engines and give my clients the tools to do that. I love when people critique my work in positive affirmative ways. It helps me look at things differently and that is one of the way businesses succeed. I love feedback and communication is key to a great collaboration!

I also had another phone call this week from a prospective client who said to me, "Can you convince me to use you and not another company?" Hum how to answer that question without getting too technical.

So I listened to him tell me feedback he got from other web companies including the company he presently was working with. What amazed me was the amount of money he spent on a product that was sub standard. But it wasn't his fault because he didn't know he was being ripped off and was just trying to get a good product.

My answer to him was very simple. Please look at my portfolio of site and my testimonial page so you can see some of my clients, feel free to contact any of them as I am sure everyone would be very happy to speak with him, and lastly I would send him an analysis of his code and his SEO and then he could decide from there.

So I did an analysis of his code and ranking on the web and also listed out many of my suggestions but not all as that would be me giving away the house and I quoted him a very affordable solution that was below what he was getting quoted from other companies and I have not heard back from him as of today. And that is OK.

I believe that if I am an ethical business person, opportunities come my way and they have. I believe my body of work speaks for itself, and once you get me on the phone, my passion comes through. I also love working with like minded people who believe that they can achieve their dreams but it must be an open collaboration. Communication and follow through on my client's end is the key to their success. It inspires me everyday and I love the phone calls that say, "Deb, since I started working with you, my business has increased 50%". Love that!! I cannot make someone do what I recommend, but when they follow some of my tips I am happy to say they see results!

So as C.S. Lewis so brilliantly stated, " You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream."


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