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Why the Wix Platform?

So I started my career creating custom coded websites using all the latest design applications, like dreamweaver and photoshop. It was fun for awhile, but time consuming when many of my clients had multiple updates that needed to get done as soon as possible.

When Google came out with some new guidelines and rules for webmasters which included sites be built with html5 and being mobile responsive, I knew I needed to find a new way of doing business. Many of my clients also wanted to be able to make small changes themselves but many had no coding knowledge, so looking for a solution that would meet my needs as well as theirs became critical.

I tested many platforms and decided that the Wix Platform was for me for many reasons. The first being that I could take existing websites with custom designs and move them over to the platform. I took extensive training on the Wix Platform and was able to master all of their intricacies. I started with my own site which was graphic heavy, because if i could move my complicated site over I could do it for everyone.

Wix offers many marketing options which also convinced me to move my business over to them. An integrated blog which is critical to have if you have an online presence, an integrated newsletter called a Shout Out, SEO Tools, a great ecommerce solution, the list goes on and on.

The platform was also so user friendly I could teach some of my clients how to maintain their own websites.

So as you can see from my portfolio of sites, Wix has been a great tool for me when building custom websites. Please give me a call to discuss what I can do for you and your business.


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